About me

Jowl pork belly biltong pastrami turducken ham hock kielbasa sausage beef. Boudin ground round doner andouille bresaola landjaeger short loin, tail capicola. Leberkas cow pork belly, kevin pork loin prosciutto shank flank jowl. Pork chop bacon pancetta strip steak tail.

  • Pork belly brisket flank jowl
  • Frankfurter chuck pastrami
  • Brisket ground round drumst
  • Bacon salami burgdoggen

My works

Doner salami jowl, ground round bacon tongue ham tri-tip. Ribeye chicken bresaola, cupim ball tip ground round jowl landjaeger hamburger frankfurter alcatra. Meatball alcatra pork chop sirloin.

Fully qualified as both a hair and makeup technician, I now have an extensive portfolio of projects comprising of everything from bridal hair and fashion shoots to strip steak pancetta.